Explore Barbados

Ahh… Barbados, the small island that is only 430 sq km, but yet a perfect destination, with lots to do from the start of your holiday and right till the end, it will truly have you mesmerized at its sheer beauty. The most eastern part of the Caribbean so will have everything you would expect, white sand, warm blue waters and beautiful palm trees. Barbados is a perfect destination for couple on their honeymoon to families looking for a nice long beach holiday.


Sipping on rum cocktails and lying back on a lounger, catching a tan while watching your kids play in a Caribbean paradise. The white powdery sand covering over your feet, a gently breeze blowing through your hair and calmly blowing the palm trees, each beach here will leave you feeling very tranquil.
The Crane beach which was originally a harbor is now considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It was rated one of the top 10 best beaches in the world by lifestyles of the rich and famous.

The Crane

Water Sports

Lots of water sports are offered on this fabulous island, such as jet skiing and kayaking and the more adventurous ones such as scuba diving/snorkeling, kite surfing and surfing. Barbados offers one of the best kite surfing beaches in the entire world, famous for its upwind from various over beaches and it’s safety for the beginners.

The thing that makes scuba diving/snorkeling so popular here are its beautiful barrier reefs, warm waters, tropical wildlife and shipwrecks. The barrier reefs are home to thousands of beautiful fish, and considered one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. If you are into wreck diving then Folkestone Marine Park & Carlisle Bay offer over 200 reported wrecks and are the two most popular spots for diving on the island. There are several diving operators who offer equipment and training for those who want to explore the world under the sea.


Barbados Wild life Reserve

Well you like to visit zoo’s to see all different wonderful animals, but yet Barbados has beaten that again, it offers a large nature reserve allowing the animals to play in the own natural habitat. There are some cages in the reserve such as for the reptiles, and while the animals interact with each other and eat. With native animals to the island and others that aren’t native to Barbados, such as the Barbados Green Monkeys which are free to roam the park unless it’s feeding time, to armadillos and Brocket Deer. Reptile loves can enjoy the large variety of snakes, iguanas and turtles, don’t worry are in cages for visitors safety. So why visit a zoo? When you can see all these amazing animals in their own natural environment, happy animals equals happy visitors.

Green Monkey


Barbados isn’t all beach and water sports there is a lot to go and see here, from national parks to caves. One of the best caves to visit on the island is Harrison’s cave, a cave made of limestone and boast to be one of Barbados’s greatest wonders. Crystal clear water, flowing streams and towering columns all add together to make this cave perfectly stunning.

Harrisons Cave

Farley Hill national park has amazing scenery; it once sat around Farley Hill house until it was burnt down and Queen Elizabeth II then made it a national park. Now Farley Hill is one of the most popular sites in Barbados for people to come and get married, while overlooking the ruins of the mansion surrounded by a giant forest of mahogany trees.

Farley Hill

So with this is mind the name Barbados truly speaks for itself when you call it a Caribbean paradise, and there is no question why many visitors make their way on Barbados holidays each year. The stunning island maybe small but will sure pack a punch and leave you with many glorious memories.



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