Best Water Parks in Europe

If you are on holiday with your family, or even a big kid like me then a day out at a water park is defiantly a must do no matter where you are. There isn’t one sad face at this splash filled places, it’s a good place for everyone with exciting slides and flumes, and sun beds to relax and catch a tan. I appreciate somewhere that will keep everyone busy and amused, so here are my top 5 water parks in Europe.

5) Waterworld, Cyprus


Enjoy ancient Greece? Then why not try this water park with its many attractions named after various parts of Greek mythology such as Minotaur’s Labyrinth, the quest of Hercules and Apollo’s plunge. There are many more like these but the two main attractions are the two kamikaze slides “Thunderbolt and Lightning”. There is a height restriction of 1.2 metres for these slides, and you will be shoot down a 75 metre nearly vertical drop like a lightning bolt. For the younger children there is a Interactive play structure called the “Trojan Adventure” based around the all famous big wooden horse of Troy.

4) Aquariaz, France


The water park located in the French Alps is Europe’s highest and is a one of a kind. The park has lots for children and adults and is made up of 3 main parts, the first being “the water playhouse” this is dedicated for younger children, with water guns, plashing buckets and geysers. Secondly “The Slidewinder” this is for the more adventurous people, you will be dropped into a 10m half pipe in a rubber tube travelling up and down until you eventually come to a standstill. The third part is “The Chill-out Space” this is located in the central pool and is made up of a gently flowing river, two areas of bubble massaging seats also an outdoor Jacuzzi where you can enjoy the views of the valley.

3) Tropical Islands, Germany


The world’s biggest indoor water park is located in an old airship hanger the size of 8 football pitches in Krausnick, Germany. Inside the hanger you will find a tropical paradise and the world’s largest indoor rainforest. With a tropical sea spreading over 200 metres with a white sanded beach perfect for making sand castles and catching a tan through the roof panels. The park also offers four different water slides ranging from a family slide to a speed turbo slide that allows you to reach up to speeds of up to 70km/h. The tropical themed water parks main attraction is that it is open 24 hours of the day, but sometimes certain pools are closed for cleaning, but there is always something to do no matter what time of the day.

2) Alpamare, Switzerland


Just 30 minutes outside the city of Zurich, lays the largest water park in Europe certified by the Guinness Book of Records. One of their most famous pools is the Alpa-Therme, which is an outside bath perfect for relaxing, with massage jets, couches, a waterfall grotto and even underwater music. With lots of different exhilarating slides and flumes, from the Ice Tunnel to the King Cone, these slides will defiantly although your adrenaline to run wild. Why not try the “Tornado” where you will plunge down the slide in a tandem rubber ring, and eventually come out of the tube into a funnel and circle it before plunging through the hole.

1) Siam Park, Tenerife


The Thai themed water park that was opened by the princess of Thailand Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and claims to be the best water park in Europe is Siam Park. Construction started in 2004 and 52 million Euros and 4 years later in 2008 this park was ready for action. It boasts on being the first ever green water park and has 5 different world records. Why not try the wave pool with a sandy beach and 9ft tall waves. The main attraction and best slide that is home to this park is the “Tower of Power” with this you will plunge down a vertical, transparent slide which sends you through a water tank filled with sharks and stingrays. The park also others different restaurants each serving Thai Food and other family favourites such as hot-dogs and burgers.

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