Unexpected Films That Got Me Thinking About Travel

Everyone knows about the classic films that have been known to inspire many people to travel like Lost in Translation or The Beach. These films are great and have inspired me too, but there are some films that when I watched made me think about travelling in a weird way. So here are some unexpected films that made me think about travel.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure (1989)

Bill and ted


The first Bill & Ted film about their “Excellent Adventure” is about two teens who struggle to complete a historical presentation with the aid of a time machine. They then steal some of the biggest historical figures from time such as Napoleon, Joan of Arc and Genghis Khan and a few more. The fact that two best friends travel through time and visit different countries to learn more about that person or that time in history, I think it’s the whole thing of travelling different places of the globe with a friend that inspired me so much. Just think of your past or maybe even your future excellent adventures with your friends.

SpongeBob Squarepants Movie (2004)


Now SpongeBob is defiantly not a film associated much with travel as it is based under the sea, the story of Patrick and SpongeBob travelling across the world under the sea trying to locate King Neptune’s Crown.  Throughout their travels they come across many different obstacles and walls for them to try and cross. This kept me thinking about all the tricky obstacles I have had to get passed while travelling and how I got past them. It’s a great kids film but also a great way to think of being in places that are unknown to you and how to get passed this. The film is also finished by a great SpongeBob guitar solo.

In Bruges (2008)


The story of two hit men sent to the winter wonderland of Bruges, awaiting orders from their boss. The tale of these two doesn’t really end as a happy one, but yet set in a really happy place. The way the film portrays Bruges has defiantly inspired me to want to go and visit this wonderful dreamland. Locations where it was filmed can be visited and are popular tourist destinations; I haven’t travelled to Bruges yet but is certainly top of my list.

Click here for city breaks in Bruges

Up (2009)












Pixar films are loved by everyone, and Up is certainly a popular one. The tale of a Balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen who travels across the sky over South America in a house that has been lifted up by a big bouquet of balloons. It is a dreamlike journey where the widowed old man shows us that it is never too late or never too old to enjoy a wonderful adventure.

Grizzly man (2005)

Grizzly Man

The documentary “Grizzly Man” that shows the tale of Timothy Treadwell a bear activist, who loved the bears so much he would decide to live with them and camp close to them for 6 months each year in Alaska. But unfortunately had a devastating end to the story where Tim was eventually killed in October 2003 by a Bear. This heart wrenching story inspired me to want to experience not only bears but all over wildlife as well. To visit national parks or do safaris, where you can see magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Travel across the world to see different animals and creatures that a native to a certain place.

Casino Royale (2006)

casino royale

Casino Royale is the first of the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, and the 21st Bond film of the franchise. Who doesn’t want to travel the world and have a license to kill like 007, I think all the movies of the franchise makes everyone think about travelling the world and seeing all these exotic place Bond goes to. But unfortunately in Casino Royale there is no Miami, Madagascar or Montenegro; most of the filming actually took part in Czech Republic, at the Barrandov studios in Prague. A couple of other locations were used for scenes in this film such as Italy, Bahamas and parts of the UK.





One response to “Unexpected Films That Got Me Thinking About Travel

  1. This happens to me often actually! Films shot in beautiful locations always inspire wanderlust!

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