Best Film Locations To Visit In Europe

Visiting those locations where you know your favourite films have been set has become a habit of mine. There is something about watching a movie then wanting to stand and re-enact the scenes or imagine yourself doing it anyway. As most big blockbuster films are located in the US, and normally filmed outside of Europe, I have found some of the biggest and my favourite films that are filmed in Europe.

Batman Begins

Iceland glacier

The film starring Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson and directed by Christopher Nolan has taken a less cheesy and more serious role of Batman, following more to the Marvel comic books then the batman film series before. One of the locations of this film, was the Vatnajokull Glacier in Iceland, and used as the setting in the mountains where Ra’s al Ghuls (Liam Neeson) temple was held. When Bruce Wayne sets out to the League of shadows to seek the means to fight injustice, but on Bruce’s final day of training he finds out the true plot behind the league. They wanted to destroy him to lead them and destroy Gotham City.  The glacier can be visited today but unfortunately you won’t be able to join the league of shadows.


Troy beach

Everyone has heard about the tale of Troy and the famous wooden horse, then why not watch the tale starring Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. The main location for filming this Ancient Greek style film is Malta, using its fabulous beaches and landmarks. People are often off on holidays to Malta, to voyage on the same trip has Achilles did in the film. The main sets for Troy were based in Valletta the capital of Malta, Where the streets and the grand square of Troy were built on a ten acre site within Fort Ricasoli. The famous wooden horse actually had to be made in Shepperton (UK) and shipped over to Malta in different parts then assembled when it was on the island. The location where Achilles and the Greeks landed on the Trojan shore line was based alongside the islands famous Golden Bay.

London – Harry Potter

Harry potter

Possibly one of the biggest film franchises in the entire world, Harry Potter has won the hearts of millions of people across the globe. In the capital of England you can join in a Harry Potter tour with Warner Brothers, and step into Diagon Alley, Eeylops Owl Emporium and visit the Great hall. You can even discover never before seen treasures in Dumbledore’s office. This is the closest experience you can have to be just like Harry, Ron and Hermione; it is a fascinating place and really good for those who are massive harry potter fans. I am not the biggest fan, but the Harry Potter world really amazed me and led to liking the franchise a little more.

On Her Majesty’s secret service

Everyone loves a bond film, and enjoys watching him kill the bad guys, save the day and get the girl. Well why not Switerlandtravel to Switzerland and enjoy a cable car from the village of Stechelberg to the summit of the Schilthorn . But the place you will defiantly want to visit at the top of the mountain is its famous revolving restaurant; it was under construction at the time of filming and was used as the mountaintop allergy clinic of Blofeld. Now you can visit the mountain and enjoy a meal in its restaurant, and also able to buy lots of James Bond souvenirs to remember your amazing trip.

Mama Mia

The successful musical based on songs from Abba, starring Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried, Colin Firth and Piers Brosnan. You would truly have to be one grumpy person to not enjoy the films enthusiasm, or at least get your head bobbing. The film has a wonderful Greek scenery, but unfortunately there is no Villa Donna as this was a complex made for just the shooting of the film. But Skopelos which is part of the Sporades Islands was used for its church where the marriage is held in the film. The old port on the island of Skiathos was also used in the film.  These Islands are available for anyone to go and explore.

Mama mia




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