Most Beautiful Places in Turkey


Most Beautiful places in Turkey

Do you like to visit beautiful sceneries, landmarks, and town’s well Turkey has all of this, outside the hotels and the splash filled water parks there is a lot of stunning places to be seen. Holidays to Turkey can be so much more than just beaches and hotels so here are some of the most beautiful places to go and explore:


Sümela Monastery

The 1000 year old Monastery that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary is located 3,900ft up found nestled into the side of a towering cliff overlooking the Altindere Valley. It is located in the Altindere national park, and is accessible by a pathway leading from the car park to the entrance of the Monastery; the hike will take around 30/45 minutes. The site is now used as a museum and a very popular place for tourists who want to come and check out the breathtaking scenery and location of this magnificent structure.


3164666952_7d21a71a14_zAlacati is a small town found on the western coast of Turkey, famous for its architecture, windmills and vineyards. The white washed houses with blue shutters make this town a very nice place for a day of exploring. The sunny sea side town has become home to windsurfing and kite surfing and is seen to be the “windsurf slalom capital of the world”.  The local beauty, crystal clear waters and immaculate beaches make this town one of the most beautiful places for tourists to come and visit in Turkey.



Cappadocia is one of Turkeys most striking and beautiful places, with its sculpted landscape formed by the wind and  water. Located in central Anatolia it is also surrounds the area of different towns such as Goreme, Avanos and Mustafapasa, where the erosion has formed a complex of caves in the soft volcanic rock. Not only has nature helped form this amazing scenery but human hands have helped create living quarters, stables and places of worship dug into the soft stone. Some tunnel complexes have been found as many as 8 stories hidden below ground, and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  You can also enjoy this by hot air balloon, as excursions are held to fly over and see the magnificent landscape with a bird’s eye view.


Pamukkale means “cotton castle” when translated to Turkish, and is located in south-western Turkey in the River Menderes valley. In this area there are 17 natural springs have been used as thermal baths for 1,000 years. This cotton castle can be seen from the over side of the valley in a town called Denizli 20 km away. The layers of the limestone pools rise up in steps and allow the continual flow of water to keep the process in operation. It is an absolute stunning place to visit all year round, but even more impressive in the winter when the pools are at the right temperature for tourists to go and bath in the hot springs.    




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